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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is about 60 working days

How much is the maximum capacity of Toppy Gravity?

We recommend 8 pallets without safety grids and 15 pallets for Gravity Pallet Dispenser with safety grids.

How Gravity Pallet Dispenser is powered?

Gravity Pallet Magazine does not require electricity or compressed air. It works exclusively by gravity.

What type of pallets can be loaded?

All pallets of any material with a width of 800mm. or 1000mm . can be loaded (you must choose the suitable model “Gravity 800” or “Gravity 1000”).
Pallets must be opened laterally, GMA pallets are not compatible for now.

Which pallet trucks are functional to Gravity Pallet Dispenser?

All pallet trucks that can lift 50 cm. We supply two pallet trucks that are functional to Gravity pallet dispenser: Toppy Speedy XL and Toppy Scissor Lifter

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